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Scarlett devoted her many recent birthday to the Minion characters, which amazed me, but was easy enough to execute. The first step was to make some fantastic Minion Cupcakes because let’s be truthful cupcakes make a party!

How to make Minion cupcakes – [Super easy & fun Way]

The Minion Cupcake Eyeballs

First off, many of the instructions we found online involved the construction of the Minion eye from multiple pieces of candy. I was sort of settled on a version that involved slicing a marshmallow in half and garnishing it with a brown m&m for a pupil, but when we got to the craft store to purchase colored frosting, we hit the jackpot with these candy eyeballs.

The eyeballs are made by Wilton, and I used a smaller version of them for Julian’s monster cupcakes years ago. find the larger eyeballs on Amazon.

Making the Cupcakes

So, making the cupcakes was as easy as…..well cake. follow the instructions on the box (no shame, kids are completely pleased with cake mix cupcakes) plus add a little yellow frosting, black icing, blue cupcake wrappers, and candy eyeballs.

Lastly, Celebrate! I imply beedo beedo! 

INGREDIENTS (affiliate links)

Plain cupcake batter – make or purchase your cupcake mix and pour it into…

Blue cupcake papers – this package is the best value and has enough blue wrappers for 50 cupcakes and enough cupcake wrappers for the rest of your child’s birthdays under your roof.

White frosting – make or buy

Yellow frosting coloring – A few drops of this concentrated food-safe color is how you turn your white frosting yellow. I purchased a 4-pack of primary colors, but you can purchase “lemon yellow” purchase itself. Again, the whole set is much more budget-friendly if you might make crazy-colored cakes in the future.

Black gel icing to draw the hair, glasses strap, and face. choose a squeeze tube that’s easy to draw with. I did pretty well with this one. Scarlett only wanted one-eyed cupcakes. I would have done a mix of two eyes and one eyes if she’d had allowed it. and a perfectionist might want silver or grey icing to outline the eyes with.

Candy eyeballs (change the size to large on this page)

Hate all things DIY? This Twinkie Minion decoration kit can put all the work on the party guests. OMG, edible stickers? WTF, world?

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