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one of the most special things about being a new parent is setting your own family traditions into motion. When your little one reaches the toddler stage, they start to understand the different holidays and get thrilled about them. Valentine’s Day with your toddler is so fun because it is a day of celebrating love! I will take any excuse to love on my toddler a little extra. 

Spending Valentine’s Day with Your Toddler

Valentine’s Day date with Your Toddler

Although it might not be the romantic date you were imagining, a date with your toddler can still be very special! here are some awesome toddler date ideas!

Make Valentine’s Day snacks Together

You can turn nearly any snack into a heart if you try hard enough, and if you can’t do that you can top it with red and pink sprinkles! From cookies to frosting dipped pretzels and heart-shaped fruit this will be a delicious way to spend the holiday with your kiddo. 

Have a Valentine’s Themed game Night
When it is snowing outside and you have a little one at home, there is nothing much more fun than a comfortable night in playing games. Pretty, pretty Princess, Hasbro connect 4 Neon Pop, and candy Land all make for the ideal Valentine’s themed game night with your little one. This cute bingo print out would be a great addition, as well! 

Go on an Ice cream Date

I can pretty much guarantee that your toddler would love to go on an ice cream date for Valentine’s Day! I know you might keep your rambunctious toddler away from sugar on many days, but Valentine’s calls for a special treat.  

Create a Cookie Bar
Why spend Valentine’s Day with just your own toddler when you could have a whole toddler party! invite over a few other families that you know and have a cookie party with all the pink frosting and heart sprinkles you could possibly imagine. 

Valentine’s Day film Night

Snuggle up with your toddler and pop some popcorn, it’s film night! below are some kid-friendly films with a little bit of romance. 

Gnomeo and Juliet

kül kedisi

Lady and the Tramp 


5 Valentine’s Craft Ideas

Crafts are another great way to bond with your toddler. They are learning the basics of creating their own art, but they still need plenty of help from mom. below are some of our favorite ideas!

1. Make a love Bug

You and your own little love bug can work together to make this lovable craft! I love crafts that you can just gather supplies around the house from, because who wants to go to the craft store with a toddler? A paper plate, construction paper, googly eyes, and glue are the only things you need.

Here’s how to make a love bug!

2. stained Glass Heart

These stained glass hearts will make for a cute piece of design to hang in your windows. You just cut a piece of contact paper into a heart and cut tissue paper into little squares. then your toddler can help by laying the squares onto the sticky part of the heart. cute and easy, just like it ought to be! 

Get step by step instructions from Pinterest here!

3. Finger painting (with a Twist!)

Get a little messy this Valentine’s Day with some finger painting! Spell out love or make a heart with painter’s tape and then let your toddler loose with the paint. I recommend putting canvas or an old towel down on the ground to reduce the mess. 

Check out this idea on Pinterest!

4. Bee Mine Paper Plate Craft

Another paper plate craft because they are just so lovable and practical! I love the bright and cheery yellow and the little stinger. 

Buradan kontrol edin!

5. Make Sensory Foam

Toddlers love sensory activities, and this bright pink foam is sure to captivate them. fill up a tub with the homemade foam and give your little one cups, bowls, and trays that they can fill with foam!

Get instructions here!

İşte aldın! wishing you the very best Valentine’s Day with your little one this year whether it involves cookies, a film night, or diy foam.

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