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This list of French kid names includes everything from classics to very special and absolutely has something to offer everyone. Everyone has a different opinion on what a boy’s name must be: strong, intelligent, legacy, legendary, etc. When it all comes down to it, it’s about finding a name that you and your partner love and we think French names are a terrific option for those struggling to find a name that “fits.”

Why do I love French names? Well, first of all the French language is absolutely beautiful. I love that lots of of them are not incredibly popular but are still easy to say and spell. If you have scrolled through Instagram lately then you probably know that our generation is obsessed with different, trendy names. These fit ideal in! I also can’t deny my love for the romantic and worldly feel lots of of the names on this list have like Bastien and Quentin.

Our favorite French kid Names

Our top picks include standard and up-and-coming names. They are all either in the top 1000 for American baby name’s or they will soon be. If you are anything like me, these names are sure to have you swooning!

André – strong and manly
Armel- bear prince
Blaise – to lisp or stammer
Claude- like Claude Monet
Clovis – popular battle
Crue – place name from Quebec: lac de la crue
Darcy – dark one
Dax – leader

Gael- comes from the term gael referring to those who speak Gaelic
Gerard- brave spear
Gilles – pledge or young goat
Hugo- mind
Jules – youthful and downy
Marcel – young warrior
Marshall – horse keeper
Philippe- French version of Philip
Remy – oarsman or remedy

Classics & Traditional

Here are some standard French names. These are timeless and really embody the French feel. Plus, you can count on them to never go out of style. My person favorite is Luc, which indicates light.

Alexandre – defender of the people
Antoine – form of Antony
Cartier – motorist of a cart
Damien- tame
Denis – devotee of Dionysos
François – free
Francis- Frenchman
Gaston – from Gascony, France 
Guillaume – with gilded helmet

Henri – ruler of the home
Jean Baptiste – saint John the Baptist
Laurent – crowned with laurel
Luc- light
Michel – who is like God?
Olivier – elf warrior or ancestor’s descendant
Pierre – rock 
Quentin- five
Sebastien – venerable 
Romain- Roman

Southern charm

These names have a southern charm to them, probably because the French were so prevalent in the South prior to the Louisiana Purchase. These names are a terrific choice if you want a French name that is a lot more frequently used in the US. They are strong and yet adorable. 

Augustin – great
Bastien – venerable or revered
Beau – stunning or handsome
Dashiell – from heaven or sky
Deveraux – from Evreux, France
Elroy – the king
Harvey – battle warrior 
Jacques- supplanter (alternative to James)
Jean-Luc- God is gracious

Léon- lion
Leverett – young hare
Louis – famed warrior
Maison – stone worker
Marc- from Mars, God of war
Reynard – counsel brave
Roy – king 
Silvain – forest
Theo- God in Greek, short for Theodore

Unique French kid Names

These special names are absolutely different but some are trending upward and becoming a lot more popular in the United States. I personally love that they stick out from the rest!

Bellamy – good friend
Beauregard – stunning view
Ciel – heaven or heavenly
Clermont –  clear hill
Donatien – given  
Emile – to strive or excel or rival
Florent – flourishing or prosperous 
Lionel – little lion
Lyon – lion
Montel – my ruler
Pascal – Easter
Renard- fox

Now comes the hard part; choosing which name you like the best out of all your options on that amazing list! It’s never easy to choose a name but when you know, you know. Plus, you really cannot go wrong with any of these French names. They just have that special je ne sais quoi!

Have a lot more French kid names to suggest? Onları yorumlarda bırak! Also, check out our Rookie mommies Facebook Group, it’s a terrific group of mommies where you can share your experiences, ask for recommendations and even help out another mom!

50 French kid Names- Pin for Later!

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